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CHC X20i

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Receptor GPS CHC X20i cu o frecvență și 12 canale

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CHC X20i
CHC X20i

Receptor GPS CHC X20i cu o frecvență și 12 canale


The CHC X20+ / X20i L1 GPS receiver is powered by a high
precision L1 GPS engine with the most trusted L1 tracking technology.
Static surveys are reliably completed with short occupation times
at a fraction of the cost compared to RTK systems.
Affordable and Reliable
The X20+ / X20i GPS system is affordable and offers precise accuracy.
The highaccuracy
surveys benefit from having extra simultaneous
receivers in adjustments and precision mapping applications have
the advantage of added survey accuracy from additional baselines.
Static Surveys Easy
to use
Position the X20+ / X20i, turn it on, and data records instantly. Collection
continues until the receiver is turned off. Plug & Play USB support
makes copying log files as simple as dragging your mouse.
Compact and Lightweight
X20 / X20i weighs less than 0.8 kg (1.76 lb), with a full battery, and
measures 17.5 cm (6.9) in diameter. Its ergonomic design is easy to
deploy in large numbers, allowing even sizable projects to be
completed in a single day without fatigue.
Add on an X90OPUS
or X900sOPUS
to extend your projects cm level
baselines to hundreds of kilometers! Upgrade the unit with our iOS
enabled bluetooth transceiver to wirelessly collect submeter positions
in realtime
or cm post processed.


GNSS characteristic
· 12 channels: GPS L1 C/A code, L1 full carrier, SBAS,
· Extremely low noise and low multipath
· Optimized for lowelevation
satellite tracking
Performance specifications (1)
· Post Processing Static
5 mm + 1 ppm RMS
10 mm + 2 ppm RMS
· RealTime
< 30cm RMS
· RealTime
30 cm + 2 ppm RMS
· 1x RS232 serial port
· 1x high speed USB
· Protocols:
and HCN outputs for GPS raw data
location sevices (X20i)
· Data Storage:
GB internal memory
device mounts as a USB memory drive
· iOS bluetooth (optional) (2)
· Size (H×D): 65.5 x 175 mm (2.6 x 6.9 in)
· Weight: 0.8 kg with battery (1.74 lb)
· Working Temperature: 30
°C to +60 °C (22
°F to 140 °F)
· Storage Temperature: 40
°C to +70°C (40
°F to 158 °F)
· Humidity: 100% condensation
· Dust & Waterproof: IP67 (total dust protection; temporary
immersion to depth of 1 m; floats)
· Shock: survives repeated 2m drops to concrete
· Power consumption: 1.8 W
· Battery capacity: 2600 mAh
· Operating time (internal battery): 8 hours
· External power input: 918
· Optional CHC CGO post processing software
· RINEX converter
· Hcconfig
· TerraGo Edge (X20i)
· All location aware iOS applications (X20i)
· All android applications supporting SPP and NMEA
(1) Accuracy and reliability specifications may be affected by multipath,
satellite geometry and atmospheric conditions. Performances assume
minimum of 5 satellites. Followup
of recommended survey practices and
baseline length < 10 km (static).
(2) CHC BT chip takes over the iPhone & iPad location services allowing
all iOS apps to capture halfmeter
or better positions.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.