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[descarcă] 9.9 MB rock-series

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Geosun Rock series products are professional surveying GNSS receivers which are designed for CORS reference station, deformation monitoring system and etc. It adopts the advanced high-accuracy GNSS motherboard, supporting various kinds of GNSS signal, including the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and SBAS signal such as WAAS etc.
With many parallel receiving channels, Rock series receivers can sensitively track and receive the entire GNSS satellite signals so as to offer high-accuracy real-time RTK correction data stably, through RS232 serial port, network cable and GPRS wireless communication. The data updating rate is up to 20Hz, supported by the high-performance embedded processor.


Functions & Features
Based on Linux
Based on core Linux, it is a real multi-user, multi-task, multi-platform operating system. with strong stability, convenient management and powerful network functions. Embedded with microprocessor design, its small size, low power consumption, and less heat release meet long-time continuous working requirement.
Support main-stream GNSS signal
With many parallel receiving channels, Rock series receivers can maximally track and receive available GNSS satellite signals. such as GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo signals. It can get nearly 2 times satellite signals than using GPS alone, greatly improving the surveying accuracy and RTK performance.
20Hz data update rate
Data update rate is up to 20Hz, while the best quality of observation and independence of the observed value keeps. And the power consumption is 4W only .
Perform multiple tasks at the same time. It can continuously track and record the satellite data, calculate and send different RTK or RTD data simultaneously without any data interrupt and missing,and provide data files which can be downloaded by the operators at the same time anywhere via internet.
Multiple data transmission modes
Wireless radio, Ethernet (via RJ45 interface to 10M/100M network), built-in GPRS wireless communication, and Bluetooth.
Massive data storage, download, transmission
Built-in 1GB high performance storage, while support up to 32GB Micro SD card. 1GB storage is enough for storing, continuous 70days double frequency GNSS raw data in 5s collection interval; Then 32GB Micro SD card for more than 6 years double frequency GNSS raw data. The data is stored as files, which can be downloaded on the computer or remote website, and with cycled data storage function.
High-precise surveying technology
Adopts GNSS core algorithm with excellent performance, enable surveying data to reach the highest level accuracy quality. Even for as long as several hundred kilometers baseline, the accuracy can reach: horizontal: ± (2.5 mm+1x10-6D), vertical: ± (5.0 mm+1x10-6D).
Excellent compatibility
Rock can export GNSS raw data in different format such as RTCM3.0, RINEX, BINEX, so as to realize the seamless compatibility with different CORS system or expand existing CORS system.
Remote network access
Built-in WEB server. You can easily get access to Rock through any ordinary intemet browser.
Data interface
One independent build-in RS232 communication port COM1 for RTK or RTD data broadcast. Via this port, sensors like meteorograph and clinometer can be connected to Rock, And the data from sensors can be recorded with the GNSS data together and then be downloaded to the data center automatically. In this way, a perfect multifunction GNSS reference station can be built easily and flexibly.
Data storage & recode
Memory 1GB
Micro SD card support up to 32 GB
Default update rate 1Hz
Max updating rate 20 Hz
Storage format RINEX, BINEX
File name Diversified
Data index and transfer Download from internet
Input/Output format
Differential message: CMR, RTCM2.3, RTCM3.0, RTCM3.1
Observation data: RINEX, BINEX
Positioning data/status information: NMEA-0183 V2.3
Other input/output
Data from meteorograph (optional) or clinometer (optional) can be input into Rock through serial port COM1; differential data communication with extemal radio (optional) is also through COM1.
Industry grade design
Industry grade design, rugged and sealed aluminum alloy case, water and dust proof; both ends of instrument are special rubber ring design for high shock-proof performance.
Choke Ring antenna
With high-performance professional choke ring antenna, Rock series can effectively reduce multipath signals influence, and accurately track main-steam GNSS signals.
User interface
Web User Interface
Power mode
Built-in two independent power ports, receive 7V~18V DC power supply and 100~240V AC, in 4W power consumption