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CHC i80

[descarcă] 0.7 MB i80

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With bold evolution and rugged design, i80 is one the top level GNSS receivers. Powered by quicker core engine, advanced industry technologies and more user-friendly design, i80 offers efficient work, limitless management and convenient operation. It is a perfect choice for various demanding survey applications.

Full Integration
Built-in high-level GNSS engine, satellite antenna, UHF, 3G/4G network module, Bluetooth®, tilt sensor, Wi-Fi, all-in-one design makes your everyday work quick and simple.

Expanded Compatibility
With various protocols, formats and communications support, i80 welcomes and is welcomed by most GNSS devices. What is more, its advanced Bluetooth and Wi-Fi chips enable multiple communications from WM/Android/iOS/Windows devices, which means configuration and data communication could be done even without a professional PDA.

Optimized Human-Device Communications
LCD display tells device status in glances. Configuration is accessible from your smart phone, PDA and PC via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Firmware update is no longer limited to an on-site PC and data cable, since USB and remote web uploading allows more convenient operations.

More Reliable Performance
i80 rugged design keeps it working in harsh environments despite of rains, extreme high/low temperatures. Its anti-shock technology keeps it safe from 3-meter drop, and its vacuum integration keeps it floating on water. All-satellite-system support, enhanced low- elevation satellite tracking enable quick initialization and high accuracy, even in blocked surroundings. Internal precise tilt sensor maintains its accuracy in hard environments like corners.